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"Success is connected with action!
Successful people keep moving!"

Conrad Hilton

Make Your Success Happen Now!

Marcia Zidle



Executive Coaching

Are your leaders getting the right results with the right people, the right priorities, the right plan, the right performance? Quickly power-up their LEADERHIP capabilities and effectiveness.


Power Learning

EXCELLENCE is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Marcia’s interactive Get the Edge Keynotes, Presentations and Webinars will show how to excel and accelerate your organization’s success.


Career Coaching

There are 3 kinds of people. Those who make it happen; Those who let it happen; Those surprised by what happens! Which one are you? See and seize OPPORTUNITY and make it happen in your career.

Webinar Speaking Schedule
Need a Speaker to Engage! Educate! Energize!


Coaching Clinic

Marcia delivers INTERACTIVE and Impactful Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops and Webinars at business conferences.

Marcia’s Musings

Marcia would love to know how you are using these lessons.