Right Track Leadership

Are Your Leaders Getting the Right Results?

If I spent a day with some of your key managers and leaders what would I see? Are they going from one crisis to another? Or they’re frustrated because they can’t attract or retain the right talent? Or they are not responding enough to the increasing demands of marketplace competitiveness and change? Or might I see morale plummeting because everyone is overworked? Or too many costly mistakes eating into your profits?

The Challenge: Leadership Effectiveness

Leaders to be successful, need to spend less time and effort managing people and operational problems and more time managing the critical priorities that get results. They need to stop fighting fires and start focusing on their leadership capabilities to executive their department and organization’s goals.

The Solution: Right Track Coaching

When leaders say they don’t have time for training programs, I ask if they would take two to four hours per month to increase their leadership effectiveness. If yes, then I suggest they take advantage of personalized (twice monthly for a period of 3 to 6 months) Right Track Coaching that will boost their success in these:

Seven Key Competencies:

  • Strategy and Culture: Establish direction and implement strategic initiatives, build a high-performance culture; develop business opportunities
  • Leadership: Develop the skills of personal influence and presence, emotional and social intelligence, effective communication and presentations, political and cultural awareness
  • People Management: Hire, onboard, train, engage and retain the right talent; coach for improved performance; reward and recognize, resolve conflict
  • Personal Productivity: Set and follow through on priorities; move from doing to delegating; utilize project management techniques
  • Stakeholder Management: Build and foster relationships with staff, peers, clients, customers, suppliers, the board, the community and other key entities
  • Operations Efficiency: Clarify roles, responsibilities, authority for team members; align goals and promote collaboration within and between teams
  • Career Management: Create greater job satisfaction and better work/life balance; make sound decisions about various career options. prepare for the next career move
“My coaching experience was profound in terms of really identifying and embracing my leadership style and making me much more comfortable with my staff and peers…this had pretty amazing benefits for me and my organization.”

Fast Track Leadership

Are You Setting New Leaders Up for Success or Failure?

The Center for Creative Leadership suggests that 40% of transitioning managers fail in their first 18 months. And that failure is costly – in terms of time, money, effort – and you’ll have to start over again to replace this failed leader.

The Challenge: It’s a New Game!

Leaders who have been hired from the outside must adapt to a new organizational culture and quickly build internal partnerships and networks. For those who have been promoted, they must develop the competencies required at the new level and let go of those that will no longer serve. Now’s a good time to take a hard look at whether your new leaders are fully equipped to be high performers!

The Solution: Fast Track Coaching

A growth focused leadership development tool that quickly gets newly hired or promoted leaders up to speed and productive within the first 100 days. The three-month Fast Track program – with assessment, weekly alignment sessions and goal accountability –helps new leaders quickly get on the right track and not get side-tracked to meet performance expectations and most important avoid costly mistakes. The coaching package will focus on working with new leaders to:

  • Identify and build on their strengths and skills to get off to a great start.
  • Quickly address “style” and other issues that get in the way of their success.
  • Bring added value to the leadership development training they have experienced.
  • Expand strategic thinking and planning skills to focus on both the forest and the trees.
  • Avoid the unintended consequences of faulty data, hasty decisions, shooting from the hip.
  • Eliminate time wasters and energy drainers that move them away from goal attainment.
  • Develop, maintain and leverage their relationships with staff, peers, bosses and other stakeholders.
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“Every meeting I get valuable information. I’ve learned how to influence the people I work with, to respond better to the customer and to have my voice heard. I feel more confident in my position as project leaders.”
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