Success in leadership requires learning as fast
as the world is changing.

Warren Bennis

Marcia’s Musing

Are You Dealing with These Leadership and Business Challenges?

Overwhelming demands on your time? Costly mistakes eating into your profits? Increased expectations from customers or clients? Making sure you have right people in the right seats doing the right things? Having a road map to chart your direction and find the quickest way to get to your destination? Engaging your talent to be productive and go that extra mile? Striking a better balance in your life so that it’s not all work and no play?

Here’s Your Solution!  Listen to Marcia’s Musings Podcast!

Marcia, on her internet the internet radio show, The Business Edge  gives tasty morsels of wisdom and wit that will accelerate your business and leadership growth. These are 3 to 4-minute smart moves lessons on how you can build and maintain a solid foundation for personal, professional and business growth and success.

Here are Some Examples:

  • Do You Suffer from Activity Addiction?
  • Is Your Leadership Sinking Your Business?
  • How Can Donuts Make You A Better Leader?
  • The Generation Divide: Is It a Reality or Myth?
  • Are Your People Cathedral Builders or Slackers?
  • Is Great Customer Experience a Thing of the Past?
  • Conflict: Does It Divide or Bring Your Team Together?
  • Do You Know the Big Rocks in Your Leadership and Life?
  • Is It Time to Break Some Rules and Add New Ones in Your Business?
  • Are You Familiar With “Cow Drop”: A decision that Turned Into a Nightmare”?
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“What I learned from these podcasts: It's often hard to focus on the big rocks - the key priorities in your leadership. We tend to spend too much our time and energy on the sand and gravel parts of our work. Know your big rocks and tend to them daily.”
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