Marcia’s Musings

Marcia's Musings

Listen to Quick Lessons on Business and Leadership:

Each week Marcia’s Musings give tasty morsels of wisdom and wit to accelerate your business and leadership growth. Listen to these 3 to 4 minute lessons below on how you can build and maintain a solid foundation for smart growth.  Every week I provide personal, professional and business insights into the:

  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Your Role Models to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Growth Agenda: Your Road Map to chart the direction, set goals and create alignment.
  • Growth LeadersYour Management Team to lead the way and navigate change effectively.
  • Growth EngineYour Engaged Workforce to provide the energy and talent to make it happen.

Are You Moving From Now to Next  to SUCCESS?

Marcia would love to know how you are using these lessons – what’s working for you in your business? How has it enhanced the way you lead? What results are you getting? What would you like to know more about? Let me know and I will send you one of The Effective Manager Handbooks.

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Journalists, TV and Radio Producers, Bloggers and Editors:

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