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There’s a saying: If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Are you satisfied with what you’re getting? Are you ready to get something different –to get EXCELLENCE in your business, leadership or career?

As a professional speaker, Marcia delivers INTERACTIVE Keynotes, Presentations and Webinars at business conferences, company and association meetings, senior management retreats, staff development and leadership programs to accelerate your success!

She Engages-Educates-Energize to Give You the EDGE!

Marcia quickly gets people’s attention with her enthusiasm, her ability to connect with diverse groups and her real-world success stories. She creates action learning experiences that turn on the light bulbs; get people thinking, talking and laughing; and produce smart moves ideas to take back with them to improve their leadership, business or career. All our programs include follow-up e-learning with additional tools and resources:

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It’s a Weekly Column for Bizcatalisty360 ,an award winning online “one-stop resource” for busy leaders seeking cutting-edge insights and intelligence. I present a leadership or career challenge experienced by one of my clients and then offer a “real-world” solution that can be put into practice immediately. Here are some of those challenges. Perhaps you have or are experiencing some of them!

Five of Marcia’s Most Requested Programs:

Leadership Fast-Track:How to Get It! Leverage It! Keep It!

Leadership begins and ends with you. So, what is your leadership IQ? How well are you, as a new or even seasoned leader, making a difference? Do you have the credibility, confidence and competence to inspire excellence, deal with the unexpected, make the right things happen to get the right results? Learn the smart moves of powerful leadership.

“Thank you for the excellent Leadership training you provided our management staff. Your common-sense approach, with many examples, was great for our company. You’re developing our future leaders.”

Your Corporate Culture:If You Don’t Get It Right, Nothing Else Matters

Workplace culture is one of the most important business drivers that must be intentionally set and reinforced for long-term, sustainability. What’s your company’s culture? Does it inspire and engage or get in your talent’s way? What stories do your people and your customers tell about you? Learn how to get a good read on the health of your culture.

“This was a wonderful keynote! Marcia took time to understand our business and incorporate issues that we’re facing now. We wanted someone who would challenge us to think differently and creatively.
Marcia delivered.”

The Millennial Workforce:How Smart Companies Engage and Retain Their Top Talent

Millennials will be 46% by 2020. Are you ready for them? They are the most entrepreneurial generation and will quickly pick up and leave for a better opportunity. A solution to this retention problem is “Intrapreneurship”. Learn a set of practices that motivate your talent to be drivers of innovation in your company.

“I attended the Millennial Program you presented at our annual conference. We are in the process of changing our culture and this information gave me a lot of food for thought.”

Emotional Intelligence (EQ):It’s More Important Success Than Your IQ

People with high emotional intelligence (EQ) are consistently the top performers in their organizations. It’s recognized as one of the hottest performance tools for success-minded people. Learn to effectively manage emotions and behavior; navigate the social complexities of the workplace; and make the right decisions that will achieve positive results.

“The emotional intelligence skills I learned through this webinar helped me work through some tough personnel issues with a clear head and a settled stomach.”

Get Branded:How to Stand Out from the Crowd

What’s your brand and is it working for you? A strong personal brand generates interest, opens up door and builds your reputation. A weak or wrong brand prevents you from achieving your career goals and having the impact you want. Learn the smart moves to develop the right band, leverage it in a new position or reshape it for career change or advancement.

“Your presentation was very valuable for today’s changing work environment. It substantiated the ‘why’ behind career management; and provided good, sound, and viable recommendations on how to successfully build a personal brand.”

Ready To Plan Your Next Meeting, Training Or Retreat
She will work with in selecting the right program to satisfy your goals, audience, budget and time frame.
“Thank you, Marcia. The highest compliment I can pay you is, if I had to pay for this program out of my own pocket I would have done it without hesitation. My company is going to benefit immediately from my ability to work more effectively with my staff and provide better service to our customers.”
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