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Marcia Zidle – The Smart Moves Coach – works with entrepreneurial ventures and small to medium size companies to build their leadership and business management foundation to MOVE from Innovative Start-Up to Productive Scale-Up to Profitable Enterprise. The driving force behind everything Marcia does is to help business leaders and their people create and grow great businesses that MATTER – those that DO WELL and DO GOOD!

Marcia’s Motto Is: If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. Therefore MOVE outside of your comfort zone; that’s where the MAGIC happens. Here’s how she helps you make the magic happen.

Examples Of How Marcia Helps You Make the Magic Happen!

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
A major metropolitan hospital and trauma center needing to quickly deal with low employee morale in two departments before it affected patient care. Focus groups and employee engagement surveys revealed issues with ineffective leadership skills and poor inter-departmental communication and collaboration. Coached department heads on the skills of emotional and social intelligence as well as influencing others including peers.

Management Training and Coaching
A private-owned event management company, expanding into new markets, wanted to upgrade leadership capability and accountability of its managers in three different properties. The Effective Manager Getting Results focused on the key management skills of personal leadership and productivity; staffing and selection; employee motivation and retention; delegation, managing change and performance coaching. This led to a shared sense of ownership for the company’s results not just individual property results.

Executive Coaching and Facilitation
For over 10 years, facilitated peer coaching and training of a group of executive directors of nonprofit agencies on issues of mission, culture and alignment; personal, organizational and community leadership: strategic and succession planning: staff recruitment, selection, engagement, training and performance management: board selection and relations: and executive presence and communication.

Business ManagementChange Communication and Coaching
A Hispanic woman-owned conglomerate of retail businesses, responding to the economic downturn, required changes in benefits and compensation to keep the company viable. Presented Leading Change Program on how to effectively communicate the correct message to everyone, anticipate and respond to resistance and avert potential decrease in staff morale and productivity.

Customer Experience and Service Training
A steel tubing manufacturer with three plants was dealing with global competition and losing market share. As part of a business coaching program to rev up their sales, trained operation and customer service managers and their teams in problem solving and teamwork which resulted in increased product quality and customer satisfaction.

alignmentMulti Organization Partnership
The Texas chapter of a national health organization wanted to establish a forum for doctors and researchers from different hospitals and medical schools to collaborate on clinical and research issues. Brought in by the president, to manage the project and facilitate a planning retreat. Resulted in the establishment of the Texas Consortium with the mission of partnering on grants, providing peer review and exchanging best clinical and research practices.

Executive Team Building and Conflict Resolution
The CEO of a workforce development agency requested team building for the executive team to iron out critical leadership issues that were hindering productivity and services. Individual interviews and a team effectiveness profile clarified team dysfunctions which led to: 1) team collaboration on the revision of roles and responsibilities as well as decision authority and accountability for each position; 2) a crucial communication process to address conflicts between the CEO and a team member and within the team. Afterwards, a participant said, “I no longer dread coming into work”.

Team Building, Problem Solving and Coaching
A large cross-functional multi-national, multi-location technical team for a tele-communication company was not meeting quarterly milestones for a product development project. Facilitated problem-solving and team coaching focusing on these issues:  lack of clarity regarding priorities; cultural and style differences; and the efficient flow of information between sub-teams. All target dates were met even with rapidly changing market needs.

images (5)Employee Engagement and Retention
A federal agency, promoting the growth of local minority owned businesses requested a program on talent management at its regional conference. “Engagement Zappers and Zesters” presentation delivered key principles how to boost engagement of their employees make them business champions.

Employee Staffing and Interviewing
A multi-doctor medical practice had gone through several office managersStaff morale has plummeted and patients complained about poor service. Coached the business manager to revise the job description to better fit the requirements of a growing practice; to use behavioral interviewing to choose the right person rather than panic hiring; and to design a competitive compensation package.

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It’s often hard to focus on the big rocks – the key priorities to grow your business. This helped me to know my big rocks and to tend to them daily.

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