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Success Is Not a Straight Line?

The Challenge: Where’s Your Focus?

Growth is a double edged sword? When it’s well planned and m managed it has the potential for providing tremendous financial and personal rewards to the owners and investors. But, if it’s not, it often leads to disappointment and failure. The issue is not whether to grow – that’s a given- but how to grow with smarts – that means with less stress and more success!

Typically a business doesn’t move in a straight line. There are lots of turns in road, lots of unexpected obstacles that the entrepreneur and the CEO come up against. Many business leaders spend all their time on building the product or service but not building their leadership to deal with the changes that are occurring as they grow.

They are primarily focused externally on their customers, their competitors and other stakeholders. Yet, they must also focus internally: making sure they have the 4 P’s of leadership success: The right purpose; the right plan; the right priorities; and the right performance all aligned to get the right results. If not, they’ll be spending their time and energy on the wrong things. What about YOU?

The Solution: Make Sure the Main Things Are the Main Thing!

268As a business grows it requires a group of advisers (legal, financial, technology, social media) to ensure its success. Don’t forget you also need a Business and Executive Coach to FOCUS YOU on effectively executing your strategy and managing the business

Broken Focus Is the Greatest Enemy of Success

It is often hard to focus on the big rocks – managing key priorities – when your day is full of managing crises. Often, too much time and resources seem to be invested in the sand and gravel work of running a business. Don’t get me wrong, the sand and gravel is important. However, is it contributing to the big rocks of your business? Here’s how to make the right things happen.

Three Smart Moves Coaching Programs to Build Great Businesses That MATTER!

1.  Smart Leadership

Make a gut check: Are you getting the results you want?  What’s working? What’s not? What needs to be changed? Can you do it? Do you want to do it? What are the costs and benefits of not doing vs doing?

To be an effective growth leader, you must have a clear picture of success – what it is, what does it, look like, what you need to focus to rise above the many distractions that bombard you every day. At each stage of business growth you will need to take on a new set of leadership roles and behaviors that move you onto the right track and fast-track your leadership performance. More about Smart Leadership

2. Emotional Intelligence

“Success in business today is 15% technology; 85% emotional intelligence” – Tom Peters. One of the toughest entrepreneurial challenges is to modify your MO. The same leadership style that made you extremely successful during one stage of growth could be your Achilles’ heel at the next level. After startup, there are three distinct phases of growth, each one with unique leadership requirement. What’s your EQ? Are you using it smartly? Find Out More Now!

3. Your Entrepreneurial Edge

Are you starting a business; funding a business; growing a business; or re-charging a business? Do you have the right stuff to build an innovative – productive – profitable enterprise? How well do you stack up to other successful leaders? Are you on the right success track? Find out by taking the Entrepreneur Edge Profile. You’ll get immediate feedback and a customized report with the key success factors to leverage your talents and avoid the leadership pitfalls in building a business. Find Out More Now!

Here’s How You Will Benefits:

These are customized business coaching programs for CEO’s, company owners, founders, presidents, executives, management teams. It’s lonely at the top but you don’t have to be up there alone when you have The Smart Moves Coach by your side. You will:

  • Hone decision-making skills to avoid unintended financial outcomes.
  • Stop putting out fires and start working on strategic business objectives.
  • Identify problems early, solve them quickly and minimize potential damage.
  • Hire, motivate and manage right to get a better ROI on your people investment.
  • Pursue the right projects compatible with your resources, capabilities and strategy.
  • Make decisions based on good data, not hunches, to keep the growth effort on a focused path.
  • Maintain the momentum especially during times of high stress, changing demands and fatigue.

Power Up Business and Leadership SMARTS!

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It’s often hard to focus on the big rocks – the key priorities to grow your business. This helped me to know my big rocks and to tend to them daily.

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