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 #1: The Effective Manager Handbooks: Make It As A Leader!

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Do You Want to Stop Fire Fighting and Start Leading?

If YES, then The Effective Manager: What Really Works is for YOU! These four handbooks will quickly transform supervisors, team leaders, front line managers into effective people leaders. They’re packed with 232 practical, low-cost strategies to Lead Right – Hire Right – Perform Right – Motivate Right. TWO Added Bonuses: Quick Wins Coaching Plus The Customer Relations PrimerAct Now! Get a 20% DiscountLearn more.

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#2 The Career Success System: Take Charge of Your Career!

What Does the Future Hold For You?

Will it be career crash or career success? Where will you be one year from now? What about 5 or even 10 years? Will your job even exist? What about your company, profession or even your industry? The comprehensive Career Success System will improve your chances to stay employed, advance your career and become a strong leader. Act Now! Get a 25% Discount. Learn more.
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Contact Marcia Zidle, The Smart Moves Coach, to make sure you’re getting the results you want in your leadership, business and career! 

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Tune in to Marcia’s national radio show “The Business Edge”. Listen to over 100 podcasts from street smart entrepreneurs and business leaders sharing their stories of success as well as practical solutions to the challenges faced by growing companies and changing workplaces. Would you like to be a guest on the show sharing your expertise and experience? Let’s Talk!

It’s often hard to focus on the big rocks – the key priorities to grow your business. This helped me to know my big rocks and to tend to them daily.