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Marcia has joined forces with Educator One, a one-stop web based online business training provider,  to present practical, actionable learning to help managers and professionals build and enhance their leadership and business management skills. You can listen live or on-demand or on CD’s. Contact Marcia for upcoming webinars. Take advantage of this cost-effective, convenient way to develop yourself and your people.

Here’s a Sample of Webinars To Build Your Leadership and Management Skills:

images (16)Emotional Intelligence (EQ): It’s More Important For Success Than Your IQ

n today’s workplace, it isn’t enough for leaders and staff to be smart; what’s required is to have emotional intelligence (EQ) – the ability to manage one’s emotions and behavior; interact with others more effectively and make the right decisions that will achieve positive results. People with high emotional intelligence (EQ) are consistently the top performers in their organizations. Learn what emotional intelligence is … why it’s recognized as one of the hottest performance tools for success-minded people … and how you can easily “raise” your EQ to stand out from the crowd.

ChangeManagement5Leading Change With Change Intelligence: What Works And What Doesn’t! 

Is change occurring in your organization?  Are these changes causing stress or conflicts? The secret to managing greater levels of change is not to press harder on the pedal already floored, but to shift gears…to develop change intelligence – to become an effective change leader. Any significant change creates “people issues.” Dealing with these issues on a reactive basis puts speed, morale, and results at risk.  Therefore, change leaders need to understand the human response to change and create effective strategies for engaging people to achieve change. Learn the five common reasons why people resist change and tactics to overcome them.

employee engagement2Talent Management: Keep Engagement High and Retain Your Key Employees

A new Global Workforce Study by global HR consultant Towers Watson found that over two-thirds of U.S. workers “are not fully engaged in their work and are struggling to cope with work situations that don’t provide sufficient support.” They are emotionally disconnected from their companies and may actually be working against their employers’ interests. They tend to be less productive; to be more likely to steal from their companies; to negatively influence their co-workers as well as miss workdays and drive customers away. Learn ten smart, cost-effective leadership strategies to build and manage employee engagement.

leaderhip 8 - CopyResults Leadership: Use Your Personal Power to Influence Other and Get Things Done

When was the last time you thought about how you influence others — how you change minds, shape opinions, move others to act?  Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager said, “The key to leadership is influence, not authority.” That’s why it’s important to have influencing skills as part of your professional portfolio. If you don’t, you’ll have difficulty leading others and impacting your organization. Learn the range of influence techniques you can use, know when and how to use them, build your power bases  so you can influence people effectively.

meetingsMeeting Management: Stop Wasting Time; Start Getting Work Done and Even Have Some Fun

Ask managers what part of their job they find most taxing and tedious and the answer is sure to come in a loud and unanimous voice – Meetings! Too many, too often with too few results. Nothing seemed to get accomplished; the agenda was unclear; people were late…or didn’t even show up. Let’s face it. Meetings have a bad reputation; they are time wasters. The best you can hopes to for is to get through them. Right? It doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to lead meetings so that they are focused, participative, on track and on time, and most importantly they get results.

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