What Others Say About Marcia’s Speaking!
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"You challenged me to be a better leader. I’m going to clear time in my schedule to problem solve and improve my effectiveness and that of the Chamber as a whole. That said – thank you, thank you!"

President of a Texas Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation at the IAWG meeting this morning! I was impressed by the breadth and depth of information you conveyed in such a short time."

Peggy Badlato, Family Pathfinders of Tarrant County

"Marcia, just want to thank you for a wonderful learning experience! Great Job! I learned a lot! Thanks,"

Rick Carter, Supervisor, Southern Champion Tray, LP

"I appreciate you for the lessons and the training that you gave us in Fort Worth. I've learned a lot as a supervisor. I can not forget the passion that you have to teach. Good Job and keep teaching!"

Sonia Guijosa, Williams-Pyro

"Just wanted to thank you for your amazing seminar yesterday. I can't even begin to tell you how very much it helped since I am just in the process of hiring a sec/office admin (again!). I learned so much from you that will really help, and your book helped fill in some of the questions I had. Bless you, and hopefully, I will be able to put your expertise to the test in finding the right person for this job--finally!"

Judy Broom, Founder and President, HUG Internationally, Inc.

"I certainly enjoyed meeting you and I learned a lot from your presentation. Afterwards, I shared some of your great tips with a co-worker who said she wished she chosen to go to your workshop instead of the one she attended!"

Edna Love, Sr. Administrative Assistant to the President, Brookhaven College

"Marcia, I enjoyed the presentation yesterday. Thank you for doing such a great job. I feel I’m one of those managers that love to say "Thank You" to my co-workers. But after listening to you, I decided to kick it up a notch. I came back and wrote each one of my employees a thank you note telling each how much I appreciate his/her efforts. I will insert a lottery ticket in each thank you. Because of YOU maybe one of my co-workers will win the lottery!!!"

Marcia Macias, Office Manager, Label Systems Inc.

"Marcia, you are truly a woman of her words. What great follow-up!!!! I really appreciated your presentation and feel as if I walked away with some seriously invaluable information. Many of the speaking points were items with which I was previously familiar with but, haven't exercised them in some time. So, I needed that refresher….You were awesome!!! Thank you so very much!!!! I, too, hope that we will be able to work with one another in the near future. Thanks."

Kellei F. McCray, EAR-EWC

"Your workshop galvanized and brought forward issues for the Board to forge into a set of goals for this year. More than that, each Board member (new and seasoned) were put on an even playing field and were energized by your forthright tone. Through your focused requests, there were no slackers, shy ones, or quiet ones. It set the tone for our first meeting and ignited a force field that I will strive to continue through the year."

Janice LaPointe-Crump, President Board of Director, The Dance Council

"Just before attending the FWI conference my bank opened it’s first branch, and I have been made Branch Manager. It is a challenge before me that I am excited to undertake…and I am drawing from all areas that I can to improve my training and leadership skills, and be the best I can be in this position. Thanks again for speaking at our conference. You gave a great talk to us all, and I look forward to what I can learn from your newsletters. Have a great day!"

Tammy Gibbons, Spring Hill Bank

"Recently I went to a in-depth planning and evaluation meeting at my church. As the meeting began, the convener said he wasn't quite sure to structure the conversation. I piped up, ‘I do!’ and proceeded to sound just Marcia, ‘Take the marker and draw a line down the middle! Put the assets.....’ etc. Using the tools that Marcia generously shared with another group over five years ago, her plans gave wings to the process. The goals of the meeting were met. The meeting was extremely satisfactory. Thank you, Marcia."

Amanda Stone, Community Volunteer

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